The expanded 5G network in the Märkischer Kreis region offers the first opportunity to implement Work 4.0 in rural areas as well: By connecting individual campus networks with the public 5G network, new forms of digital work support, as well as participation and services of general interest, can be organized – such as care, crafts, assembly work at decentralized work sites, or for people with specific disabilities.

The planned model and demonstration project “5G Aussenarbeit” is based on three pillars:

  • a 5G demonstration and real laboratory at the Iserlohner Werkstätten (ISWE)
  • a mobile roadshow for demonstrations and speeches
  • the loan of 5G campus networks and 5G-capable end devices.

In addition, for the scientific support of the project, the needs and desires regarding 5G-based work support as a contribution to the participation and services of general interest of small and medium-sized enterprises are to be analyzed.

Logo 5G Außenarbeit