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Project Description

The expanded 5G network in the Märkischer Kreis region offers the first opportunity to implement Work 4.0 in rural areas as well: By connecting individual campus networks with the public 5G network, new forms of digital work support, as well as participation and services of general interest, can be organized – such as care, crafts, assembly work at decentralized work sites, or for people with specific disabilities.

The planned model and demonstration project “5G Aussenarbeit” is based on three pillars:

  • a 5G demonstration and real laboratory at the Iserlohner Werkstätten (ISWE)
  • a mobile roadshow for demonstrations and speeches
  • the loan of 5G campus networks and 5G-capable end devices

In addition, for the scientific support of the project, the needs and desires regarding 5G-based work support as a contribution to the participation and services of general interest of small and medium-sized enterprises are to be analyzed.

Project Objectives

The project will demonstrate how 5G networks can be used to support decentralized workplaces in rural areas with the help of connected digital assistance systems . These workplaces include, for example, decentralized work in sales, crafts or care, which were not sufficiently technically connected via mobile communications or WLAN yet.

The aim is to test new possible applications and demonstrate simple ways how companies can use 5G applications and the benefits of multimedia real-time communication. Another goal is the national transfer of knowledge and technology to other rural regions.

Partner in this project are:

  • Gesellschaft für Bildung und Beruf e.V. – GBB, Dortmund
  • Iserlohner Werkstätten gGmbH, Iserlohn

Funding program

“Land.Funk – Applications of Gigabit Networks for Rural Areas”

Participating actors

The realization of this project is funded by the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture (BMEL) under the Federal Program Rural Development and Regional Value Creation (BULE+). The Competence Center for Rural Development (KomLE) at the Federal Agency for Agriculture and Food (BLE) is in charge of the technical and organizational implementation of BULE+.

The expert office IZT-Institut für Zukunftsstudien und Technologiebewertung gemeinnützige GmbH and neuland21 e.V. are responsible for the technical monitoring and evaluation of this funding measure for the BLE.

Contact persons

Prof. Dr. Erich Behrendt
Project Lead

Gesellschaft für Bildung und Beruf e.V. – GBB

T: +49 (0)177 4575379
E: behrendt@gbb-gruppe.de

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Andreas Schattner
5G Demonstration and Real Lab / Mobile Roadshow

Iserlohner Werkstätten gGmbH

T: +49 (0)2371 9766130
E: Andreas.Schattner@iswe.de

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